ARMS - Or, on a chevron Azure between three boars' heads couped Gules three mullets of the First pierced of the Second
CREST - A horse's head Or having pendant from a chain around its neck a crescent Gules
MOTTO - "Per Actum Intentio"

Interpretation of the Blazon

The basic coat is similar to that of the Baron of Urquhart's16th century Orkney ancestral Cromarties. Since it is also similar to that of the Chief of Clan Urquhart, whereas his three boars' heads have blue tongues and silver tusks, the Baron of Urquhart chose to have the boars' heads depicted all red, in the more ancient tradition. Since Cromartie has no known blood relationship to the Chief, and is thus an intermediate Urquhart cadet, he introduced the Chevron, its choice being influenced by the original Cromarties having possessed the motte on which the ancient Cromartie Castle was built in the ancestral Urquhart lands. As an armorial featuring a Chevron between three boars' heads might suggest an Elphinstone connection, so the three pierced mullets were added. Three mullets also hint at the arms of the early Douglas family that ruled Moray and thus the lands that later formed the Barony of Urquhart, so these were pierced to make the spur rowels that allude to Cromartie's talent as an equestrian sportsman. The Crest of a horse's head again symbolizes Cromartie's life-long career as a Thoroughbred horse breeder and racing enthusiast. The Crescent worn on a chain around the horse's neck honors Alexander Seton, first Baron of Urquhart.