Baron of Urquhart

The current feudal Baron of Urquhart is American, Robert A. Cromartie of Urquhart-On-Spey. "Bob" was born in Tampa, Florida and lives on his Ardmore Stud, a Thoroughbred breeding farm operation in Versailles, Kentucky. The territorial designation of Cromartie of Urquhart-on-Spey is derived from Urquhart baronial lands he owns near the mouth of the River Spey in Morayshire.

Bob has two children. His son, Alexander Ian Cromartie of Urquhart-on-Spey, yngr, lives near Orlando, Florida with his wife Shirley Lalangan Navarro and their son, Liam Navarro Cromartie. His daughter, Bevin Sterling Cromartie is married to Christopher Gregory Taylor, Baron Baille of Urquhart. Christopher and Bevin reside with their daughter, Sterling Frances Taylor in Washington, D.C.

Considered one of the industry's leading experts on Thoroughbred genealogy, Cromartie of Urquhart-on-Spey, a graduate of Lenoir Rhyne College, has served as a Trustee of The Breeders' Cup; a director and officer of the Florida Thoroughbred Breeders' and Owners' Association; and former president of Florida Equine Publications. He is co-author of the original Prominent Sire Lines In America (1979), a research study covering 300 years of Thoroughbred breeding history which is renowned as one of the most comprehensive studies of Thoroughbred pedigrees ever printed.

Over the past four decades, Cromartie of Urquhart-on-Spey has developed a number of equine facilities for himself and served as a consultant in the design and development of some of North America's leading horse farm operations, equine clinic and surgery facilities. While a Florida Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association director, Cromartie guided the design, development and construction of its headquarters and museum in Ocala, Florida. In addition for having an eye for horseflesh, Cromartie is widely known among horse professionals for having a keen eye for farm real estate, backed by an engineering and development acumen that has garnered him a reputation and awards as one of the industry's foremost horse farm designer-developers.

An avid student of Scottish history and heraldry, Cromartie of Urquhart-on-Spey is a Fellow of The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, a member of The Convention of Baronage of Scotland; The Heraldry Society of Scotland; The Society of Scottish Armigers; Clan Urquhart; and The Noble Society of Celts. As part of his dedication to his Scots heritage, Cromartie owns and preserves a tract of ancient Urquhart baronial lands which have been part of Urquhart history since the 1500's. He is also sitting president of the 350-strong Cromartie Family Association in America.

In addition to his various agrarian interests, Bob is also an organic gardener and apiarist. He also breeds and shows Scottish Deerhounds.